Marti Pellow Joins Sunderland Cast

Marti Pellow will perform with the Sunderland cast of Blood Brothers the musical for a limited period of two weeks. The Wet Wet Wet singer was due to perform his usual slot as narrator in the smash-hit musical at the Phoenix Theatre in London from 30th January until 11th February 2012, but due to “unforeseen circumstances” he is now performing in Sunderland on these dates instead.

Marti Pellow rose to fame in the late 1980s and 90s with his band Wet Wet Wet and began a solo career when he left the group in 1999. He later pursued his interest in musical theatre, starring in leading roles in shows such as Chicago, The Witches of Eastwick and Jekyll and Hyde. Pellow joined the West End cast of Blood Brothers in November 2011 to the delight of his fans and will play the role of the narrator until 3rd March 2012.

Did you have tickets specifically to see Marti during these two weeks? Are you lucky enough to have Sunderland tickets in these two weeks and are excited to see him in his highly-praised role? Add your thoughts and comments in the box below!

12 thoughts on “Marti Pellow Joins Sunderland Cast

  1. It is our daughters 30th Birthday presant! We live in Scotland and not only did we buy tickets for the Phoenix Theatre, but we paid for flights and a hotel for her and a friend, only because Marti Pellow was supposed to be the Narrator, they have been followers of Marti since his early days in Wet Wet Wet! She has had a very difficult year and we wanted to give her something special! Thanks a bunch Phoenix !!!!!!

  2. Saw Marti as Narrator today at the Phoenix. Anyone able to see him either in Sunderland or in his continuing run at the Phoenix is in for a real treat – his voice is amazing. But then the whole cast is AMAZING! :o)

  3. Hurrah! My friend has been whinging for months that it wasn’t fair that Marti wouldn’t be in Blood brothers when we go to see it in Sunderland on 1st February! And now he is! There is a god! One very happy friend, and one very happy me!

    Of course I’m happy, whoever is in the cast, as watching Blood Brothers is my favourite way to spend a few hours, but this is definitely the icing on the cake!

  4. …Only saw Blood Brothers a few months ago at The Forum in Billingham,,,and was blown away. You can imagine my sheer delight to see Marti billed as the narrator, top it off, at another north east theatre! Double whammy. See you wednesday BB’s!!!

  5. Im Glasweegian married to a Geordie and as soon as I saw Marti was playing the Sunderland Empire with Blood Brothers the fight was on with the husband as it takes a lot to get him on mackem soil lol, I saw the show in London it was fabulous and Marti was as wonderful as ever, been going to see him with Wet Wet Wet since they started out he still has his cheeky smile, I really highly recommend anyone to go see this show, its brill

  6. Well I came back from watching Blood brothers in Sunderland just about an hour ago and all i can say is…..omg….it was amazing, the acting by all the cast was outstanding, it of course had me in tears at the end…so convincing it really was, and Marti Pellow was fantastic as narrator, i even hired the binoculars to take a closer look at him lol and yes ladies he is still as gorgeous, I would recommend anyone to go and see it.

  7. thanx a bunch phoenix theatre, went last night hoping to see marti as narrator to be so disappointed, ive followed wet wet wet and because he was in the blood brothers my husband got tickets for my christmas present, we did this date as my daughter phoned on 2 occassions checking he was there and told yes even before we booked tickets, to turn up for him not to be,

  8. I saw Blood Brothers at Sunderland last night and Marty pellow was absolutely fantastic. How comes he was in sunderland though and not at the Phoenix? Very disappointing to people going to the Phoenix but our gain certainly.

  9. Saw The Show Last Friday At Sunderland, Absolutely Awesome. Marty Was Brilliant, But The Star Had To Be Sean Jones Who Played Micky. Great Cast, Great Stage Set And Lighting, And A Fantastic Bunch Of Musicians Who Never Get The Praise They Deserve. The Song ‘ Sunday Afternoon ( My Friend )’ Still Haunts Me !


  11. saw B. B in Manchester with MARTI PELLOW and MAUREEN NOLAN . haven’t seen it before but have no doubt they were the BEST. FABULOUS cast, narration, and it was the final performance, it was”nt only the audience that was in tears, need to see it again, or buy a DVD, PLEASE!!!

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