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Blood Brothers Musical.com is part of the Cheap Theatre Tickets.com theatre information network. This unofficial site is not connected with Blood Brothers the Musical or the Phoenix Theatre in any way and is intended as an information site offering Blood Brothers Musical overview, reception, show lengths and times, ticket booking links, cast details, theatre information, reviews and videos.

Our aim is to provide visitors to the site with everything they need to know to plan a trip to see Blood Brothers on tour around the UK, as well as general information about the show. We have reviews of Blood Brothers from the critics and the public, selected videos of the show from around the web, a list of current cast members and a general overview of the story of the show, as well as blog posts about anything relevant to the London or UK productions.

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    One thought on “About Us

    1. I’m so sad this is closing down. I am 15 years old and the first time I saw the show was when I was 13. I have seen the show 5 times since. I am studying performing art at school and the reason I took it was to build myself up to perform Mrs Johnstone. I am really sad, it was my dream to play a part in this musical. I really hope people relise this should be brought back!:(

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