Blood Brothers

After 24 years in the West End, Blood Brothers closed on 10 November 2012.

Sadly, after one of the worlds longest runs, Blood Brothers has said it’s final farewell to the West End! Blood Brothers has been seen by many millions of audience members over the past three decades. If you have seen the show and would like to leave us your memories.

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It’s Not All Over!

Thankfully you can still catch Blood Brothers on tour throughout the UK until Spring 2013!

Blood Brothers London 1983 – 2012

Blood Brothers opened in London’s West End at the Lyric Theatre in 1983 to critical acclaim. The musical written by Willy Russell won the Olivier Award for Best New Musical and Best Actress in its first year. After a successful first run, it did not appear for 5 years before being revived at the Albery Theatre (now the Noel Coward Theatre) in 1988 where it stayed for three years. It was then transferred to the Phoenix Theatre in 1991 where it remains today. Over two and a half decades, it has accumulated a host of Awards and has become one of the longest standing musicals on the West End.

The Story

Blood Brothers Musical is, at first, a heart-warming story of Mickey and Edward, two brothers separated at birth, brought together again through friendship. However, their familial relationship is concealed by their guardians who strive to keep them apart because of superstitious beliefs.

Despite relocating, their lives continue to intertwine, although the deep divisions between the privileged life of Edward and Mickey’s poverty-stricken existence are wholly apparent. As they try to conquer the social divisions which hinder their friendship, they must deal with the harsh realities of class consciousness; Edward goes on to study at Oxford whilst Mickey is forced into a life of crime through unemployment.

As adults, they are caught up in a vicious love triangle with Mickey’s childhood sweetheart Linda. Mickey’s imprisonment and subsequent depression pushes Linda into the arms of the conciliatory Edward. A desperate Mickey takes drastic action against his fraternal twin which will ultimately expose their true identities.

Blood Brothers tickets

Blood Brothers London run was one of the longest musical runs in the world

Here, we outline details of the former cast members of the show including reviews and videos.

  • bob
    #1 written by bob  4 years ago

    it was terrible

    • jane
      #2 written by jane  4 years ago

      you may not of liked it, but if it was terrible it would not of run for 29 years and been 1 of the longest running shows

    • Dave
      #3 written by Dave  4 years ago

      You must have seen the wrong play.I’ve seen it 5 times,and will be going again when it comes to Coventryor Birmingham!!

    • Aaron Burton
      #4 written by Aaron Burton 4 years ago

      it is not terrible i have seen this show so many times it is amazing………………………

  • Mike
    #5 written by Mike  4 years ago

    Sadly missed – but I suspect it will be back

    One of the Great British musicals – hence it’s long run here and Broadway success.

    Hope to see it back soon

  • anonymous
    #6 written by anonymous  4 years ago

    What an amazing musical, I was gripped from start to finish.. Very upsetting that it will not be showing any longer at phoenix, I hope they change their mind and bring it back!

  • cofo
    #7 written by cofo  4 years ago

    it was excellent, i recommend it to all you guys xD

    #8 written by PHIL HUGHES  4 years ago

    Bob obviously watched something else.
    I saw Blood Brothers over 100 times, mostly at The Phoenix in the West End, and in many other parts of the country, including The Sunderland Empire.
    When I went, Mrs Johnstone was always LYN PAUL, and she was brilliant in the role.
    That`s why Bill Kenwright chose her, out of all the women who have ever led the cast, LYN PAUL is the undisputed definitive “Mrs J” of all time.
    Bob, the show was not/is not terrible, it is gutsy, down to earth pure theatre. An incredible show, which needed little publicity, or big hit records in the pop charts. It has run, and continues to run all over the world, and it will return in triumph to the West End one day because it is real class. A giant amongst musicals…

    • Dave
      #9 written by Dave  4 years ago

      I first saw Linda Nolan as “Mrs J”……such a powerful voice from a tiny lady,and to recover from cancer is amazing.

  • George Cobbold
    #10 written by George Cobbold  4 years ago

    OMFG. Best thing Ive ever seen live.

  • Laz
    #11 written by Laz  4 years ago

    Love love love this. I was going to take my fella. I can’t believe it’s not showing at the moment

  • Ann Womersley
    #12 written by Ann Womersley 4 years ago

    Fantastic musical- bob’s obviously got no soul!! See 3 different Nolan sisters and lyn paul as Mrs J- always fantastic – heart wrenching- going to see it again soon in Sheffield with the wonderful Marti pellow- long may it reign

  • Matthew
    #13 written by Matthew  4 years ago

    Blood Brothers was one of the best shows that I have seen. It was great and so moving such a great story.

  • Eleanor wadden
    #14 written by Eleanor wadden  4 years ago

    This is one of the worlds greatest theatre productions ever and it should not close

  • Anonymous
    #15 written by Anonymous  4 years ago

    It was the best show i ever seen in London. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Jasmine Darby
    #16 written by Jasmine Darby  4 years ago

    Saw blood brother when it came to cheltenham a few years ago with school – LOVED IT. Took my boyfriend, mum and her partner to see it last week as it came back to cheltenham again, still amazing and I cannot even describe how fantastic the cast were! Maureen Nolan made an amazing Mrs J and the boys playing Sammy, Eddie and Mickey could not have been cast better!

  • Leah
    #17 written by Leah  4 years ago

    I went to watch Blood Brothers for the first time in the Sheffield theatre last month. I can honestly say it was the best show I have ever seen! I cried, laughed, even winced slightly at the gun shots. Definitely worth watching!

  • #222
    #18 written by #222  4 years ago

    we are currntly doing this in drama at uni it is a very good play bit of a sad one, i hope yopu all like it cause their will never be on e shown ever again,GOODLUCKGUYSSS!

  • Hannah
    #19 written by Hannah  4 years ago

    Can’t believe the tour is closing!!!!!!!! MUST MUST MUST come out on DVD?!? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – maybe a recording of the last night of the tour??? best musical ever! Les Mis is currently sold out courtesy of the film, and the same was shown for Phantom and Mamma Mia – BRING OUT A FILM!

  • Wayne
    #20 written by Wayne  4 years ago

    A great show. A good story,songs and simple sets can be just as effective and enjoyable as the big lavish productions. I would like to see it again.

  • Ross
    #21 written by Ross  4 years ago

    This play is what got my love affair with theatre started as a young boy. A truely fantastic musical/play that brought tears and laughter. You’d have to be mad to not like it!!

  • Claire
    #22 written by Claire 4 years ago

    OMG Love Blood Brothers…did promise my hubby I would stop going to see it on tour and West End when I reached 50 times…. didnt quite manage it made it to 51 :)…. loved it so much and will miss it

  • laura
    #23 written by laura  4 years ago

    this play is amazing x 🙂

  • laura
    #24 written by laura  4 years ago

    Left me feeling as if I had been a part of the story. I was mesmorised from beginning to the end!

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